Passionate about designing functional, meaningful interior spaces, Roslyn is always seeking new ways to test and challenge design boundaries. She believes in drawing from her experience, the world around her, and from the experiences of others to create environments that promote health, safety, and wellbeing.

Roslyn is a University of Manitoba graduate with a Master of Interior Design and a Bachelor of Environmental Design. She prides herself on fostering a respectful and consultative design approach, ensuring all voices are heard. Her past work has included projects for residential and government clients, providing Roslyn with a broad base of expertise that she applies to all her work.


Roslyn’s travel bucket list includes southern Spain, South Africa, and South America. As long as it’s south, Roslyn wants to go. We hear the South Pole is nice this time of year…


A secret talent of Roslyn’s is her skill with home renovations and construction projects. Whether it’s building decks or laying flooring, Roslyn’s got the know-how to get it done.


A fan of corny jokes, Roslyn’s funny bone was tickled by this one: Stairs—they’re always up to something. Talk about a groaner!