Colin Tait is a Mechanical Engineer whose expert knowledge in mechanical building systems benefits all project stages, including planning, design, tender, construction, and contract administration. Colin has worked on projects of all sizes for workplace, healthcare, hospitality, education, and several projects in Northern Canada.

Colin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba. Drawing on his wealth of experience in leading mechanical engineering teams on complex projects, Colin understands the steps required to see a project through to completion while maintaining a firm grasp on day-to-day tasks. Having started his career designing new products for a major HVAC and control systems equipment manufacturer, Colin has extensive practical knowledge of mechanical building products.


Colin runs at least 5k most days. While his cat may not be the ideal running buddy, we think a pet cheetah could be fun.


Some kids dream of being a rock star or a firefighter. Not so for Colin— from the time he was seven, Colin wanted to be an engineer


If you hear “give ‘em the boot” and answer with “the roots, the radicals” then you may be as much of a 90s punk music fan as Colin.