Brendan is an architectural technologist with a particularly interesting background and path that led him to our team. He has a degree in English, Conflict Resolution Studies, and a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology. Brendan’s passion for exploring built spaces, and working with lines, symmetry, and structured order steered him to drafting. He loves how the software allows him to move beyond the limitations of his own hands.

Although Brendan prefers to travel close to home, he has done some travelling around the world, from spending half a year in South Africa volunteering at an HIV/AIDS clinic to visiting Ireland when his brother graduated from medical school. A Jack of all trades, it isn’t a big shock that his hobbies and interests are many. In his free time, Brendan enjoys refinishing old wood furniture, cycling, swimming, and reading.


I don't think we could have said or written this better, so we'll tell you exactly what Brendan said, "I have the gift of the gab. It's not just that I am particularly vociferous, but that I am a particularly skilled writer and an even more talented orator."


Apart from design and architecture, Brendan's other passion is J.R.R. Tolkien's body of work. He remarks at how Tolkien created a vast world and that Arda would be an "amazing realm to explore" adding, "true Tolkien fans will recognize this as the world of which Middle-earth is just one continent."


While Brendan may have different hobbies, his greatest love is for reading and writing, he even notes that his dream house would have a library with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Brendan's particularly interested in topics of history, theology, peace research, and mythologies. His greatest literary passion is, unsurprisingly, Tolkien's Legendarium.