With more than ten years in the architecture and engineering industry, Wren Egan exhibits an intrinsic command of building science principles and construction techniques. She utilizes a keen eye and a constantly-updated base of working knowledge to contribute to new-build, renovation, and assessment projects involving a wide range of typologies, from small-scale residential buildings to large commercial and industrial facilities. Having had first-hand experience in construction herself, Wren understands the design process from multiple levels and perspectives. Detail-oriented, analytical, organized, and methodical, Wren has the qualities required to produce comprehensive, valuable deliverables and recommendations for Republic Architecture Inc.'s clients.

Wren has professional experience in project management, coordination, business development, and commissioning as part of architectural and engineering consultant teams. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Winnipeg, Wren has a Bachelor of Environmental Design with a focus on architecture from the University of Manitoba. She is well-versed and educated in roofing science and technology, building envelope maintenance and repair, and fall protection systems. Wren continues to not only expand on her proficiencies, but also provide them on projects as an instrumental part of Republic's architectural, interior design, and building condition assessment teams.

Ger-many Happy Returns

When asked where she would practice if she had the ability to do so anywhere in the world, she chose Germany. "I would like to compare our local ways of combatting extreme weather concerns with theirs," she explains.

Making the Unseen Seen

Wren believes that a design is 'good' when it meets all of the client's requirements, "including the ones they didn't or couldn't express."

Two-Point Perspective

Her approach to problem-solving is collaborative and she firmly believes that being attentive to diverse perspectives is key to her approach. "When in doubt, ask someone completely different than you," writes Wren.