With a career of over 10 years in project management and project development, Victoria’s knowledge and skills make her a perfect fit for her role as Project Manager at Republic. An ambitious professional with a breadth of experience in industry compliance standard methodologies and change control procedures, Victoria’s skill set speaks for itself.

Known for her creative thinking and problem-solving skills, Victoria is an adaptable and highly skilled, member of the team. She can take concepts from inception all the way to market implementation, all without breaking a sweat. Victoria not only has a diverse experience and career background, she has applied skills in 2D and 3D computer modeling software, as well as a range of other design and project management platforms.


Fine arts and food – two F words that Victoria says she’s obsessed with. So, it’s no surprise when we found out that she dabbles in watercolour painting and enjoys cooking. This fine artist foodie spends her spare time at art galleries and trying out restaurants wherever she goes.


Fast cars? F1 racing? Not really. Victoria would rather spend her easy Saturday mornings in bed, with a good cup of coffee, and RuPaul’s Drag Race on tv. Ask her what made her laugh recently, the answer is likely going to be Drag Race.


Remember when we said Victoria is an artist? She said it herself, if she wasn’t in the field of architecture and design, she’d be pursuing art full time, and one other thing - she’d be living in the woods. Her dream home? Somewhere surrounded by an abundance of trees, with floor to ceiling windows to take in all that nature.