Zachary — or Zack — Antel is Republic Architecture Inc.’s Conductor of Studio Logistics, a role that provides information technology, administrative, and professional support to all members of the firm. A vital player on the Republic Architecture team, Zack coordinates the firm's resources across Canada, manages and oversees our communication infrastructure, and dispatches project deliverables to their clients. Zack is trustworthy and is often calm in the face of complexity; because of this, Zack has played a considerable and significant part in the success of Republic's projects.

Trained at the University of Manitoba School of Music, Zack has also worked as a composer and producer, and has been a member of many local Winnipeg bands. At Republic, he brings a skillset that includes an apparent aptitude for organization and extensive experience in customer service. In addition to this capacity, his support to the team is underscored by a congenial and good-natured disposition, a signature of his character and a feature that complements the Republic Architecture brand.

Brick By Tiny Brick

When asked what his favourite building material was, Zack answered "Lego."

Like Ein Z-6

If he could choose any superpower, he would pick the ability to fly. Perhaps he would fly to Berlin, the place he would like Republic to travel to next.


Although Philip K. Dick is Zack's favourite author, his favourite book is A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich.