Coral Dance is an Accounting Clerk who surprisingly hated accounting in School. Up for any challenge, she took on a summer accounting job in her mother’s office. Coral was so good in her role that they offered her a permanent position. Today, she really enjoys accounting and has never looked back.

An avid reader, Coral loves biographies, she finds it fascinating how so many public figures are portrayed one way in the media and how it differs from their own point of view and back stories. She loves sports and currently plays on three different co-ed teams with her husband. When she’s not busy with work and family, Coral's favourite place to relax is at the cabin in Gull Lake.


Step aside Sandy, Coral is here! Admittedly obsessed with dancing and music, Coral said her favourite movie is a tie between Grease and Dirty Dancing. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that her last name is, you guessed it – Dance.


What scares Coral the most? Snakes and spiders “because EW”. When she was in grade 5 the class pet was a snake, and she recalls that might have been what traumatized her 10-year-old self. Years later, Coral is still not a fan of snakes and spiders.


Coral says, “When in doubt, don’t.” What’s a good sign that you probably shouldn’t do something? According to Coral, if there’s any doubt in what you’re thinking to do, then it’s probably best not to pursue it. Solid advice.