A graduate of Red River College's Architectural Technology program – Civil Engineering, Colton is the recipient of a Gold Medal of Achievement. He brings his knowledge and training in Building Information Modeling, architectural detailing, building structural and mechanical systems, and building science and materials to his role at Republic.

Colton’s passion for practical and innovative design led him to the field of civil engineering. With a background in graphic design, Colton seeks to bridge the gap between creative and technical drawings at every step of development.


Who says you can’t multitask? Colton used to draw tattoo flash sheets while studying. He said that he attributes his attention to detail from replicating flash art. Pretty good practice for an aspiring tattoo artist.


“What’s a guy gotta do to get some light-rail around here?” asked Colton. One of his greatest obsessions is public and sustainable transport – specifically, trains.


What do Kill Bill and Studio Ghibli films have in common? Nothing…well, except the fact that they are Colton’s favourite movies to watch. “Life is about balance”, Colton said. It sure would be interesting to see a movie with The Bride and Totoro together.