According to Claire Spearman, good design should improve lives and inspire happiness. Claire successfully applied this philosophy in her previous role as a draftsperson at a landscape architecture firm where her drafting work included drawing site, landscape, and planting plans for city parks, housing developments, and commercial buildings. With a deep focus on ameliorating the built environment with biological components, Claire is interested in living materials such as mycelium bricks.

Claire graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master of Architecture, having completed her Bachelor of Environmental Design at the Faculty of Architecture. She is experienced in evidence-based design research relating to healthcare and architecture. Claire applies her passion for problem-solving and desire to seek out new challenges in all her projects.


Claire’s know-how doesn’t end with architecture. This “rising” intern reports that she is weirdly knowledgeable about sourdough bread making.


If she had her way, Claire would love to see more people grow their own food. Whether it’s a pot of basil on the window ledge or a backyard veggie plot, everyone can benefit from a garden.


When she isn’t urban farming or baking up a storm, Claire is fascinated by stop motion animation. She loves the idea of playing with imagined and fantastical spaces and making inanimate objects come to life.