Jonathon Kardashinski is an Architectural Technologist with extensive experience in conducting surveys and inspections. This experience combined with an array of technical skills and knowledge of various design software applications, make him an asset to the Republic team.

Jonathon holds a degree in Architectural/Engineering Technology from Red River College where he received the Flynn Canada Award for achieving the highest GPA. He is also an avid photographer and designer.


We asked Jonathon what superpower he’d like to have and he said, “Manipulating gravity, because it allows for time travel, flight, and super strength rolled into one”. Bring on the wormholes, blackholes, and string theory – if you’re not sure what that means, call Jonathon.


Who’s the “best boy on earth”? Ask Jonathon about his pet Finnigan, but more importantly ask for photos. You know that 50% Corgi and 50% Labrador (hence Corgidor) make for a very cute combo, right?


Jonathon’s favourite design style is Brutalism. Primarily used for institutional and residential buildings and known for highly expressive forms, Jonathon is drawn to the emphasis on raw and natural beauty of the construction materials, while maintaining a futuristic look.