Braeden, an enthusiastic and confident individual, eagerly applies his skills to any project he’s involved in. He takes pride in his ability to work effectively within a team and excels in collaborative work environments. His strengths lie in developing solutions to complex issues, a skill honed throughout his academic journey and now an invaluable asset in his role at Republic.

Graduating with honours from Red River College Polytechnic, Braeden is well-prepared for workforce challenges. His technical experience with Revit and AutoCAD has provided him with practical insights into applying his skills effectively as a Specification Writer.


Braeden’s design sensibilities are simple, he believes that it’s better to have fewer items that are more interesting, than to have more items that are less interesting.


Braeden describes himself as someone who is always willing to learn, it only makes sense that when we asked him about the best advice he’s ever received he said, “don’t be afraid to ask questions.” It’s one of the best ways to keep learning.


If Braeden could have only three wishes, he would wish for – an end to world hunger, a two-month trip to Japan (for free), and three more wishes. Does the last wish count as one or three?