Jennifer Zatser has been working in the industry as an architecture-focused marketing and communications professional for nearly two decades. She possesses a wealth of professional and personal experience from across the country and beyond. Jenn has an innate understanding of processes, business development, client relations, and strategic marketing endeavours specific to the growth of firms in the architecture and design industry. A collaborative team player, Jenn has worked in small and large studios, which is a testament to her adaptability and ability to work at different scales.

Jenn is an expert in the development and execution of business and marketing strategies established from the varying needs and goals of the firm's team members. An alumni of the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Architecture, Jenn recently moved back to Winnipeg after 15 years in Vancouver. As Director of Marketing Communications + Business Development, Jenn will make use of her ever-expanding base of knowledge in marketing, communications, business development, and management to propel Republic Architecture Inc. even further as a professional design firm.


"Jidohanbaiki", the Japanese word for "vending machine" is Jenn's favourite word. She learned this word during the three years she spent teaching English in Japan.

The Architect and the Animated

Richard Neutra, Le Corbusier, and Frank Gehry are Jennifer's architectural influences. She's quite a fan of Gehry as she listed the Guggenheim in Bilbao as her "bucket list" place, and picked him as the one person she'd love to have dinner with. If ever she gets the chance to sit across from him at the dinner table, she would ask him who is his favourite Smurf or Dwarf.

The Grapevine

Jenn's favourite author is John Steinbeck, author of "East of Eden" and "The Grapes of Wrath". Speaking of grapes, Jenn is a big fan of wine — she likes to have a glass and read a book to get away.