Architect Ron Prociuk has run the gamut of roles, responsibilities, and project typologies in the architecture, design, and construction industry. He has acted in the capacity of project manager, designer, and contract administrator on a number of commercial, educational, healthcare, and residential projects. All told, his professional background adds up to nearly twenty years' of experience. With his extensive first-hand knowledge and comprehension of different aspects of the design process, Ron brings considerable value to the clients and projects of Republic Architecture Inc.

Ron graduated with a Master of Architecture from the University of Manitoba and developed his broad professional experience producing conceptual designs, CAD drawings, and architectural renderings. He continues to build on this experience after becoming a member of the Manitoba Association of Architects. Ron is Education Certified by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board, and has taught at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture as a Sessional Instructor. His portfolio of work includes the redevelopment of iconic cultural institutions, and he has participated and managed projects that range from the small scale to facilities with a construction value in excess of ten million dollars. A full-stack architectural professional, Ron is an invaluable presence and an asset to Republic's architectural and interior design teams.

Better in the Middle

When asked how he sees Winnipeg evolving, Ron answered, "Hopefully from a donut city to a jelly donut city, where the centre is the best part." While he appreciates a good donut, Ron prefers real Mexican food and considers it an obsession of his.

Paper Works

Ron is of the opinion that a good design solution is discovered by testing ideas rigorously on paper and that it "appears simple despite a complex and sophisticated path to arrive there." He thinks more people should test out both good and bad ideas when sketching as "you can learn a lot from exploring ideas that are seemingly wrong."

A Fan of Big Prints

The next big thing in the architecture and construction industry, according to Ron, is "large-scale 3D printing and milling." He believes that this advanced technological process of building will improve quality and reduce time during design and construction.