Jing Sun is an accounting professional providing skill and expertise in bookkeeping, invoice analysis, and payroll administration for the construction industry. As part of the Republic team, Jing provides accounting services to support us and our projects through the organization and management of financial records and statements. Over the last ten years, she has worked with principal, executive, and human resources staff to develop, facilitate, and maintain administrative policies that efficiently accommodate the complex accounting needs of all levels of organization. She collaborates with our Project Accounts Lead to effectively deliver her expertise and to ultimately further Republic's overarching goals and contribute to our growth.

With a major in Advanced Economics and a minor in Business Management, Jing Sun graduated from the University of Manitoba with an Advanced Bachelor of Arts degree. Historically, she has assisted and been responsible for the execution of responsibilities and tasks related to the management of client, employee, and tenant accounts. An organized and efficient administrative professional with a keen interest in interior design, architecture, and construction, Jing's knowledgable contribution to the team is welcomed and highly regarded by the members of Republic Architecture Inc.

Heaven on Earth

Jing has a fiery passion for travel. In fact, she'd like for our team to travel to China for our next retreat. She would probably lead us to her favourite structure, the Temple of Heaven.

All in the Family

Jing has always been interested in is interior design. If she was an interior designer, she says she would love to be able to design for her mom.

With the Times

The ability to travel through time is Jing's superpower of choice. This theme becomes apparent once you discover that her favourite movie is 'The Lake House' — a movie featuring Sandra Bullock, the actress that Jing thinks would play her in a movie about her life.