Chelsey’s experience in structural and architectural design makes her an asset to the Republic team. Chelsey is an Architectural Technologist with a breadth of experience in designing and drafting construction drawings for residential, commercial, and government properties. Additionally, Chelsey is highly skilled in drafting renovation projects and preparing 3D renderings - all great contributing to her success as an Architectural Technologist.

While her role is mostly on the technical side, Chelsey also has great client relationships and organizational skills. She can handle a variety of tasks that require analytical skills and keen attention to detail, both ensure that she creates and delivers quality designs.


A sucker for romance movies, Chelsey says her favourite is The Notebook and is her go-to feel-good film. Couple this with her love for specialty chocolates, we mean a homemade truffle, sounds like a delectable romantic choice!


Chelsey is a great cook who loves experimenting in the kitchen. Ask her what her definition of a great night is, and this bona fide foodie will tell you, “Finding a cool recipe and trying it out…with Elvis playing in the background.”


Thinking of being a recording artist? Chelsey might be able to help you create your sound and bring it to life. She is a music-loving, guitar-playing, aspiring music producer, and she believes that music is “a way of understanding and connecting” to herself and others.