Jeff Dudley is a Red River College, Red Seal Plumbing graduate. He has extensive experience in professional trades and a background in technical maintenance, water treatment systems, and electrical and mechanical design. Jeff has a strong knowledge base in estimating, construction, and project management.

Jeff is a team player who thrives well in collaborative environments. He has experience supervising teams in multiple trades and is adept at ensuring that all aspects of the site build are met and to code. A great communicator and problem solver, Jeff is a dependable member of the team.


We asked Jeff who he’d trade places with for a day if he could, and he took us back to 753 BCE. For a day, he’d like to experience life as a Roman citizen in Ancient Rome.


Spotify has nothing on Jeff when it comes to his audiophile proclivity. Taking it back to the OG, Jeff’s first paycheque was spent on a portable tape player and cassette tapes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Rolling Stones.


A lover of dogs, Jeff particularly favours Labs. He says he enjoys training them “to weave their way into people’s lives.” Another thing that Jeff loves and enjoys is landscaping and gardening. He says one of the things he learned in the past five years is that he has a green thumb.