Leah Leibl is Republic Architecture Inc.'s Director of Legal and Corporate Services, a role she performs with an unmistakable passion, backed by an impressive level of knowledge and experience as a lawyer and legal consultant. Her experience and background makes Leah a trusted in-house legal resource who provides advice in corporate matters and contract negotiation for the firm.

An active member of the Jewish community, Leah has served as a member and chair on several committees over the last decade, including the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, B’nai Brith Camp, and the Jewish Federation of Manitoba. Leah is a Masters of Law graduate from the University of Manitoba, has a degree in Law from the University of North Dakota and, being an unapologetic film and television buff, she holds an undergraduate degree in Film Studies. Her thesis discussed female mentorship relationships in law-focused shows.

Queen of the Silver Screen

To say Leah loves watching movies is an understatement: she regularly hosts Oscar parties, where she is "very serious about playing along" and bases her menu around the best picture nominees. She also would love for our firm to collaborate with the film industry someday. Her favourite movie, by the way, is Clueless. As if.

Gour-made It.

Leah says that the "ultimate way of knowing you've made it is when you have a sandwich or meal named after you."

You'd Never Guess

We asked Leah what we needed more of in the architecture and engineering industry, and her answer might surprise you: "Lawyers!" she said. Wow. We would have never known.