Hayley is an Architectural Technologist who can be described as both knowledgable and level-headed in her approach to her work. She has a proficiency in the development of detailed construction drawings, and in the delivery of building condition assessment services, both of which she performs with a rigour and enthusiasm that benefits her clients. One of Hayley's most noticeable characteristics is her infectious fascination with building and construction processes, a trait that enhances her growing base of knowledge, which she continuously utilizes in the tasks she performs.

A graduate of Red River College, Hayley consistently performs as a key member of multi-disciplinary teams to translate the concepts of the designers and architects, seamlessly integrating the client's project requirements to produce construction drawings with precision. Having travelled across Canada for her projects, Hayley has been exposed to a wide variety of contexts that each present different issues, yet her conduct and the quality of her deliverables remains consistent. An avid learner, Hayley believes in constantly educating herself with both historic and modern techniques of construction.

A Summer Child

Hayley is obsessed with the ocean, being outside, and getting fresh air. "I can never get enough of the sun and the outdoors." She also lists 'The Little Mermaid' as one of her favourite movies, and she would love to practice "somewhere hot – so I could travel there all the time!"

When I Grow Up, I Want to be an Architectural Technologist

'"When I was younger, my friends would be playing video games, but in my spare time, I liked to draw house elevations and floor plans. That interest led me to this industry."

A Thing of Magic

Her favourite book series is Harry Potter ("I know, so typical"), and if given a superpower, she would choose to fly.