Pam is a Project Director with impeccable organization skills. Her interest in coordination and construction management started when she was a structural technologist. With her engineering background, she brings a wealth of technical knowledge that benefits her projects and clients. Pam enjoys seeing a project through from start to finish.

Pam loves getting outside to kayak, paddleboard, and cross-country ski. Her favourite author is Margaret Laurence, and she enjoys experimenting with Moroccan food like tagines. When asked to share advice she has learned over her career she said, “plan early, follow up frequently.”


Who’s a certified citizen of the Slurpee Capital of the World? Pam! When asked about her guilty pleasure she responded, "Coca-Cola Slurpees all year round”. She’s willing to risk the brain freeze.


One thing Pam is passionate about is travel. She loves reading and researching about travel destinations and is always on the hunt for interesting places to visit. Her top three bucket list travel destinations are – Machu Picchu, Zambia, and Bali.


If a genie were to grant Pam three wishes, she would wish for – an unlimited travel budget, an unlimited number of books, and at the top of her list, unlimited time with family and friends. As for that last wish, she also dreams of a warm and welcoming home with an enormous dining table so she can host all her loved ones.