Efficiency, constructibility, and detail drive Jordan Loewen, a technologist whose cumulative project experience includes gyms, libraries, interpretive centres, and multi-tenant residential facilities. In his work, he is exacting, meticulous, and attentive, and is known to bring an unparalleled level of quality and accuracy to his deliverables.

Jordan — a graduate of the Red River College Architectural/Engineering Technology Program — approaches projects collaboratively. He has worked with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and engineers to develop fully-realized spaces that consider all disciplines at many scales. Jordan is also highly proficient in Revit and utilizes it regularly to produce architectural drawings that are integrated and informed. With his rigorous commitment to his craft and his keenness for construction, Jordan brings his strengths for Republic Architecture Inc.'s highly technical projects.

Eau De Tesla

A fan of Elon Musk, Jordan admires his ability to innovate and his dogged persistence in pursuing his ideas. Perhaps Elon Musk and his ingenuity can help Jordan with the superpower he would most like to have: flying.

One and One Hundred Zeroes

Who does Jordan consider to be his greatest mentor? Here's a hint.

A Place of Workshop

If he could, Jordan would choose to spend all of his time in a workshop building.