Originally from Vancouver, Brent left the rain behind in search of sun and snow and found both in equal measure in Winnipeg. Once a fitness studio owner, Brent now dedicates his time to training clients all over Winnipeg. At Republic, Brent takes fitness to the next level! In addition to leading daily in-studio workouts, Brent also provides healthy snacks like egg bites, quick oats, fruit, veggies, and hummus for the whole team.

Brent’s philosophy is simple: Everyone has 168 hours in a week—what you do with those hours is up to you. Make time for yourself; move for one hour a day, every day; and eat properly—according to Brent, those three easy things are the keys to health, happiness, and a long life. Faced with a workforce that has become increasingly sedentary, Brent keeps our team in tip-top shape.


A jock who minored in English Lit, Brent cites reading Irvine Welsh's novels as an accomplishment, as they were phonetically written in Scottish. Unsurprisingly, he thinks Republic's next retreat should be to Edinburgh!


Playing rugby against guys much larger than him, choosing fitness as his career path was a matter of self-preservation.


Brent would like to see more honesty in the fitness industry. His focus is to help people live better and healthier lives. We happen to know Brent has a fondness for red wine, if you'd like to find out more start with some vino!