With many years of experience in the architecture and engineering industry, Jason Moses contributes his extensive skills as a Specification Writer to Republic Architecture Inc.’s projects across the country. A Vancouver import, Jason was trained at the University of Alberta, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

An asset in the comprehension and implementation of Construction Specifications Canada standards, Jason offers in-depth know-how in regard to finishes, materials, and methods. He enjoys the variety of projects that Republic Architecture Inc. undertakes and he has contributed to a lengthy list of specialized building typologies.

Over 160 BPM

If he could, Jason would love to practice in Britain, because the country has "great DJs to see during off-hours," which is not surprising when you find out that "electronica (NOT EDM)" is one of his obsessions. The other obsession? "Bicycles."

Eyebrows on Fleek

If Jason had a superpower, it would be "to quell irrational thought with furrow of my brow."


When asked what he believes to be the next big thing in architecture, Jason answered: "Skyscrapers – they're huge."