Helia Saadat is a creative individual known for being a proactive and hands-on learner. While she was a student at the University of Manitoba, Helia collaborated on a project for the Warming Huts competition where she gained knowledge in design and fabrication processes. Throughout her career, Helia has worked on various mixed-use, residential, commercial, and industrial projects in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

A fan of vernacular and humanitarian architecture, Helia believes that using available local resources and talents is one of the most sustainable choices architects can make. Like her icon and humanitarian architect Sharon Davis, Helia believes in architecture that helps, transforms, and empowers communities.


Helia loves dancing, one might say it is an obsession of hers. She believes in dancing as a form of art and therapy, and “a way to celebrate life and let things go.”


When asked about her favourite exercise activity, Helia said “I love biking.” This is no surprise as growing up Helia’s grandfather owned a bicycle shop - now the perk of being the grandchild? She got a new bike every year. No wonder she grew up to be an avid cyclist!


Nature-inspired sustainable buildings and structures are one of Helia’s interests. She said she’d love to learn more about biomimicry in architecture and believes in finding solutions already available in nature. Likening it to wounds turning into scars, Helia is enthralled with the idea of structures that mimic nature’s organic process of self-building and repair.