Equipped with a design sensibility rooted in holistic principles and practices, Cara Anderson is an Interior Designer who approaches creative problems with sensitivity to the end user experience. A graduate of the Environmental Design program at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture, she offers proficiency in delivering thoughtful solutions tailored to each client. Cara is driven by a philosophy of environmental conscientiousness.

Cara's portfolio includes office, retail, government, and exhibition spaces. Having practiced as an Interior Designer for more than a decade, she offers expertise in the development of conceptual design and spatial planning for modern interiors. An engaging, honest design professional, Cara ensures the delivery of spaces that meet client and user requirements effectively and efficiently.

Earthly Citizen

Cara is deeply interested in the preservation of the environment and its living resources. She lists 'plants and gardening' as an obsession of hers, which carries over into her experience in designing living walls in interior spaces.

Animal Farm

As an animal rights activist, Cara would love to follow in the footsteps of Temple Grandin to encourage ethical and humane farming practices.

A Proponent for Change

If you were to browse through Cara's playlist, you may be surprised to find Tupac's 'Changes' as part of her regular musical rotation.