About Republic

Republic is a multi-disciplinary design team focused on cultural, educational, and institutional projects that positively impact our communities.


We are passionate about our work and committed to a collaborative approach to design. Driven by the journey, we utilize an explorative process that connects all the right people around the table. Our desire to produce thoughtful and sustainable projects that engage the public is at the heart of everything we do.


Nestled in the centre of North America, our team has worked from coast to coast and into the extremes of the North. We have adapted our work to a wide range of cultural and environmental contexts. Our people will go to great lengths to deliver smart architectural solutions, even in the most remote communities. Our work begins and ends with the users; we strive to utilize our expertise to comprehend and respond to the user’s functional needs with efficiency, as their goals and aspirations take priority throughout our design process.


We believe that architecture will always be subject to context, and that all buildings participate in sustaining, furthering, or transforming the factors that contribute to the context they inhabit.


Our practice responds to the socio-economic, the cultural, the political, the environmental, and the physical factors that inform the conditions of the craft in the solutions we produce. Our work aspires to go beyond containing the problems as projects are not informed by the conditions – projects are the conditions.


In recognizing, comprehending, and managing the factors that make a project and interacting with the people that we design for, we effectively and empathically design in the best interest of those who need our services. It is our belief that through this initiative of understanding, interaction, and response, our work lives beyond the hand-off between our firm and our clients to spur positive growth and facilitate the development of the population it supports.


Our multidisciplinary design team delivers a number of services for clients across Canada. These services include:



Interior Design


Building Condition Assessments

Planning and Development

Feasibility Studies

Space Planning

Construction Administration

Life-Cycle Costing

Building Energy Management

Culture: Fridays @ 4

Every Friday, members of Republic Architecture gather at 4PM to discuss local and world events, recent celebrity sightings, debate design decisions, compete in head-to-head trivia matches, or just take a break and catch up with each other. We learn about each other’s interests, what others have been working on behind the scenes, and discuss the bigger picture.


Watch this space for more information on Fridays @ 4.