As our Design Technology Leader, Sean Usher is a vital asset to Republic Architecture Inc. An expert in the fields of building information modelling and green design, Sean brings extensive experience in architecture and building science, and contributes his unique skill set to a large variety of projects across Canada.

Sean is an essential part of the in-house process of design development, utilizing his strong skills in digital visualization to help in the exploration, understanding, and communication of projects with a comprehensive knowledge of in 3D modelling. He offers a deep proficiency in the requirements and intent of sustainable design principles, and in the LEED and Green Globes accreditation processes.

Not a Bird or a Plane

If he were given the choice of superpower, Sean would choose to fly, "like Superman."

A Hanson Approach

Amongst his usual songs, you would be surprised to find Hanson's 'MMMBop' on his playlist.

On Ice

Sean says hockey is one of his greatest obsessions. "'It's the TV show that never gets cancelled, it's always exciting, and there's a bit of drama here and there."