Stas is a designer with a broad range of technical, visual, and project management skills. His experience on project stages from schematic design through to construction administration and field review has been honed over the delivery of many successful projects.

Stas has a combination of technical, software knowledge, and project management skills. He has a broad range of experience in various types of projects such as commercial and retail, multi-family residential, and single-family residential.


Next time you go for karaoke night, invite Stas up for a song or two. We guarantee he will choose a popular track by the infamous Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Trust and believe, Stas is never gonna let you down with this karaoke song choice.


One of Stas’s favourite activities is long walks with his dog, a Border Terrier named Bender. Why Bender? Ask Stas: apparently his canine companion is named after three different fictional Benders.


Call it guilty pleasure or call it dedication, one thing’s for sure: Stas is a bonafide fan of the TV show The Office. In fact, he’s watched the entire series more than once, and plans to do so again (and again). That’s what we call dedication. Is Dunder Mifflin hiring?