Scott is an Architectural Intern with an impressive resume of awards. He was part of an award-winning student team that designed a water feature for installation in France’s Vimy Ridge Centennial Park, recognized with the Marco Frascari Award for his use of hand-drawing within multiple university projects, and was awarded the RAIC Student Medal for academic excellence while at Carleton University.

Experienced in both renovation and new construction, Scott prides himself on his ability to take projects from foundation to finish while maintaining positive communication with trades, contractors, and clients. Scott received a Master of Architecture from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba.


After a studio project bolstered his interest, Scott wants to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. We’re a little concerned that his post-vacay glow may be unusual if he checks off this top bucket-list locale.


As an avid rock climber, you might be surprised that Scott’s favourite building material isn’t stone. Says Scott, “I think glass is amazingly dynamic and never completely understood.”


Scott has always been obsessed with cars. He loves the balancing act between a shared mechanistic prescription and the user's interpretation of what their vehicle is or should be. Having worked on his own vehicle, Scott dreams of one day building a project car from the wheels up.