It’s all in the details for Meng Wang, a BIM Modeler whose accumulated project experience includes numerous industrial, commercial, institutional, and government projects. Meng is well-regarded for his ability to track the intricate details of a project, ensuring that Revit and AutoCAD drawings are executed to a high standard of excellence.

With bachelor’s degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design Engineering, Meng has a strong grasp of the intricacies of mechanical design. Meng received his Honors Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, and his Bachelor of Machine Design and Automation Engineering from Ningbo University. A consistent and driven innovator, Meng developed the world’s first inset damper design underfloor plenum heating and cooling terminal in 2019.


If Meng could wake up with a superpower, he would want a Super-Brain. With his limitless IQ, Meng would absorb knowledge fast enough to solve the world’s problems and improve technology.


Meng is a talented inventor who dreams of inventing a spacecraft able to travel at the speed of light. Interstellar travel, coming up!


The bravest (and possibly most dangerous) thing Meng has ever done was to jump from a 5-metre-high bridge into the river below. Talk about death-defying!