Evan Hunter is an Architect with extensive experience undertaking a vast range of architectural projects. His background includes new-build, renovation, and assessment projects for a diverse list of clients, including the RCMP, Provincial and Territorial governments, Parks Canada, and the Department of National Defence. Evan leads Republic Architecture Inc.’s building condition reporting work, handling such tasks as site investigation, life-cycle analysis, and systems surveys. He has managed teams executing new design and construction assignments, and those involving careful and conscientious heritage rehabilitation.

Evan knows that the best concepts depend on a knowledge of building science techniques. He is capable of identifying best-practice solutions preservation requirements. Informing his work is past experience within a number of specialized areas, including site planning, functional programming, formulating building envelope and interior finishes, fire protection and accessibility audits, and best practice solutions for a range of problems and preservation requirements. He brings an unparalleled level of expertise and an eye for detail that offers significant value to his clients and their user groups.

We're All In This Together

"A less adversarial, more collaborative approach to all aspects of design and construction," is what Evan believes we should inject more of into the architecture industry.

The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Evan received his favourite book as a gift from his high school teacher. The book? 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams.

Great Scot

Among Evan's list of architectural aspirations is the item: "Get hired for the renovation and re-purposing of St. Peter's Seminary in Cardross, Scotland."