Steve Isfeld is an Architect with many years of experience in managing and working with multidisciplinary teams for a variety of building projects across Canada. Steve has worked on various projects from new construction to building rehabilitation, undertaking tasks ranging from planning, design, condition reporting, life-cycle analysis, cost estimation, and construction quality oversight. Steve’s clients have included northern communities, school boards, commercial clients, and such government bodies as Public Works and Government Services Canada, Defence Construction Canada, the RCMP, and the Department of National Defence

Steve is team player who listens and works with clients to achieve tailored and compelling project results. His breadth of experience has given him the ability to develop spaces and solutions oriented to the needs of day-to-day users. A planning and design professional with proficiency in program evaluation and conceptual design, Steve's work is also defined by an affable personality that allows him to serve as a charismatic facilitator for client meetings and user group interviews.

And All That Jazz

Steve lists the Chicago School as his favourite architectural style, and the signature John Hancock Center as his favourite building.


One of Steve's greatest aspirations is to develop architectural work for the Antarctic context. He says that it would be "the polar opposite to the work that we do."

Film Buff

Film and cinema is one of Steve's obsessions, and he would love to eventually collaborate with the film industry on an architectural project.