Seven Oaks General Hospital Meeting & Education Centre

Seven Oaks General Hospital is an acute care community hospital committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for medical professionals. The hospital includes a training centre that hosts instructional programs for medical residents and continuing education students. Republic Architecture Inc. was retained to lead the redevelopment and expansion of existing spaces to create a state-of-the-art Meeting & Education Centre.

A highly flexible plan was developed to meet the need for additional meeting and research training spaces that were user-centric and nurtured collaboration. An open environment conducive to continuing education was determined to be the best approach to promote team building and enhance the learning experience.

Natural light was maximized through prominent windows opening onto green space, large glazed areas, and extensive use of clerestory windows. Interiors blended warm, lively tones with soothing blonde wood, and exposed brick walls added visual warmth while connecting the new space to the existing hospital. Information and multimedia technologies were seamlessly integrated to support a flexible and adaptable modern learning environment with contemporary meeting facilities.

Principles of sustainability and re-use drove decisions throughout the design phase. Where possible, existing furniture and fixtures were incorporated into the new facility. Working toward sustainability targets equivalent to LEED Silver or 3 Green Globes, options that reduced long-term operational costs and improved energy efficiency were explored and implemented.

The Seven Oaks General Hospital Meeting & Education Centre now serves as an important educational hub for medical professionals, providing the tools required for learning in an engaging, modern environment.

Photos by Stationpoint Photographic