An elegant interior and exterior renovation of a standalone retail building in a thriving commercial and residential neighbourhood. The compelling design elevates this space to a unique experience that engages the senses, makes a lasting impression, and leaves customers anticipating their next visit.

Design concept and branding are interwoven in an upbeat, modern, playful theme offering a chic material scheme with unique moments punctuating the space. On the front façade, a hexagon mosaic-patterned porcelain tile provides a welcoming entrance. Glazed transparent entry doors lead customers into the first vestibule and through a second set of double doors into a lounge area. A third set of arched double doors open into a retail space filled with material and tactile experiences.

Subtle details from the exterior and vestibule relate to interior features, drawing customers in and inviting them to linger. Circular tile details complement a larger circular floor pattern featuring interlocking round walnut tambour-clad pedestal displays with LED strip lighting that provide an illusion of floating. Clothing hangs from a ceiling track on sisal rope suspension, adding texture. Custom terrazzo counters provide a colour palette that is incorporated into company branding. Inspired by the store’s whimsical nature, a transparent pneumatic tube runs from a secure back-of-house location to the point of sale. The tube meanders through the store, mirroring interior curves as it delivers products to customers.

The Cottontail Cannabis Co. retail environment offers opportunities to pause, absorb colours, textures, and fixtures, and enjoy an enhanced shopping experience.

Photography by Stationpoint Photographic.