General Contractor Headquarters

Engaged by a General Contractor, Republic Architecture Inc. developed a functional program and conceptual design for the company’s new headquarters. The 13,000 m2 facility included a public reception space, administrative offices, employee break areas, automotive and heavy-duty shops, and an additional outbuilding and outdoor storage.

Site visits and analyses of the Contractor’s existing operations and facilities were conducted to inform the functional program and guide pre-design planning. Interviews were conducted with staff to understand their needs for the new space. To enhance the development of the functional program, our team visited comparable shops and office facilities to develop informational models of industry standards as they impacted spatial requirements.

The functional program identified four typologies: office space, workshops, outbuildings, and outdoor storage. Offices were spread over two floors and included reception spaces, common areas, washrooms, meeting and conference rooms, enclosed management offices, open-plan offices with cubicle partitions, a lunchroom, lounges, and storage space. Main floor workshops included an automotive shop, a heavy-duty shop, shop offices, washrooms, and industrial washrooms with showers. Outbuildings included shops, paint rooms, offices, a lunchroom, and washrooms. Outdoor storage included garages with large overhead doors. The functional program was provided to the client with several conceptual options, including renderings.

Once the client selected the preferred conceptual layout, scale models using 3D printing technology were created. The models allowed the client to experience the building from all angles, helping them envision how it would work on their existing site and generating buy-in from decision-makers and employees.