Contractor Headquarters Conceptual Design

A Contractor company engaged Republic Architecture Inc. to undertake the functional programming of their new headquarters accommodate the company’s office, administrative, and shop needs.

To inform the functional program and guide the pre-design planning of a new headquarters facility, Republic Architecture Inc. undertook a variety of quantitative and qualitative investigations. This included a review of the existing conditions of the Contractor's properties and operations. In addition, a number of comparable shop and office facilities were visited to serve as informational models of industry standards impacting space requirements.

The functional program for the space provided decision makers with the necessary quantity of new built space required for the amalgamation of their existing facilities. The required spaces were divided into typology, relative to their level of finish and fit-up.
Numerous conceptual arrangements of space were presented to decision makers for feedback and a subsequent schematic layout of spaces was generated.

Republic Architecture Inc. worked with a local company, Assent Works, to develop three-dimensional scale models using 3D printing technology to represent the Pre-Design concepts for the Contractor company.