October 6, 2016

Architect Jen Rac and Technologist Jordan Loewen Join Republic Architecture Inc.

Two new talented individuals have recently started at Republic Architecture Inc.: Architect Jen Rac and Technologist Jordan Loewen. Both of these architectural professionals have had significant contributions to projects within Manitoba. Now part of Republic Architecture, they will be applying their experiences on a larger, national scale for the firm’s projects across Canada.

Jen Rac is as an architect of many proficiencies, even going as far as being described as a “Jen of all trades”. Her skill set paired with her utter enthusiasm for the practice shows brightly as she interfaces with her peers, clients, and other collaborators. Read more on Jen Rac by viewing her profile page here.

Jordan Loewen has been described by his peers as being detailed and efficient, two descriptors that are beyond apropos for his role as Technologist. His competencies in CAD, BIM, and his expertise in Revit elevates the firm’s work considerably as they continue to grow nationally and gain more technically-challenging projects. Jordan’s profile page can be found here.