An architect with considerable experience in community-based architecture, Jen Rac approaches design conscientiously, and with deftness. Her own belief in architecture being responsive to its respective social and environmental contexts permeates throughout her work, which has included fire halls, community centres, schools, and police stations.

A graduate of the Master of Architecture program from the University of Manitoba, Jen Rac has an impressively wide range of competencies, including project management and contract administration. Her innate ability to see projects through while exceeding client's expectations is an immense asset to Republic's projects across Canada.

Built to Grow

Jen believes that "combining architecture and agriculture to deal with resource shortages" is the next big thing in architecture.

Here's Jen-ny!

When asked to name her favourite book, Jen picked Stephen King's The Shining because its "vivid descriptions activate the imagination".

Jen of All Trades

Her favourite pastimes are DIY home renovation and improvement; and cooking. She writes, "I would have been a chef if I were not an architect".