March 24, 2020

Life Going to the Dogs during Self-Isolation? Murphy Campbell’s Here to Help!

Murphy Campbell, canine counterpart to Republic’s Director of Wellness Brent Campbell, has a few pup-tactic tips for staying mentally and physically fit during self-isolation:

Tip #1 – Go outside. Having a dog to walk is not mandatory.

Tip #2- Eat real food. It’s okay to go headfirst into a pizza pie once in a while, but fresh fruits and vegetables are important to maintain your health and your mood. Now that you’re home more, why not expand your cooking repertoire?

Tip #3 – Keep moving! Whether it’s calisthenics in the kitchen or downward dog in the den, exercise is a natural mood-enhancer.

Tip #4 – Get plenty of sleep. Life is a little uncertain, but nothing will make you feel worse than long nights bingeing on the news. Rest and recharge like Murphy, and you’ll get through this doggone self-isolation!