March 23, 2020

Working from Home – Helpful Tips from RAI’s Jordan Loewen

For years, RAI’s Jordan Loewen has worked part-time from home. With self-isolation and social distancing on everyone’s minds, here are Jordan’s four tips for a happier remote work experience:

  1. Distractions happen; let them. Dinner has to be made, kids want help with homework, toilet paper needs to be purchased in bulk—these tasks are important, so don’t fight them. Take care of the life stuff lets you focus better while you work.
  2. Nine-to-five is as outdated as Betamax and shaking hands. Work is a marathon, not a sprint. Plan for task completion, not time tethered to your desk. It doesn’t matter how fast you get to the end, as long as you get there on time.
  3. Desk is a four-letter word. Where you work is up to you. Start at the kitchen table, switch to the couch, and did you know a bedroom blanket words as a mouse pad? Change up your workstation to keep life interesting.
  4. Time management for all-stars. Arrange tasks logically. If your work requires coordination with others, do those tasks during the day/when they’re available. Filing, emails, or other self-driven tasks can be completed during off-hours.

RAI’s Sandra Schmidtke has submitted her home office for Jordan’s inspection; we hope he finds that it’s up to snuff!