Yasaman Ghaemi is a diligent Project Manager who excels at leadership and collaborative coordination. A global citizen who has lived in several different countries, Yasaman brings a unique international perspective to her work. The variety of her experiences has strengthened her ability to focus on deriving the best value and superior project outcomes for her clients in a multitude of different markets.

To Yasaman, good design has the possibility to address so much more than is immediately apparent. She has a passion for design that acknowledges environmental, social and financial conditions while driving innovation and improving communities worldwide. Yasaman holds both a Master of Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Architecture from Azad University in Iran.

Give Peace a Chance

Yasaman, whose favourite word is “peace,” wants to learn to play the oud for its magical and calming music.


The Libeskind Jewish Museum Berlin is Yasaman’s favourite building, which is not surprising, given its structure—Yasaman cites concrete as the material she most admires.

Reading to the Beat of Her Own Drum

If you’re looking for book recommendations, Yasaman would encourage you to try anything by her favourite author, Günter Grass—especially his novel “The Tin Drum.”