Tsubasa Bolt is a Project Manager with a wide range of experience that spans healthcare, hospitality, post-secondary, industrial, heritage, and retail projects. An objective and creative problem-solver, Tsubasa is adept at finding outside-the-box solutions for complex design challenges and brings an analytical, conscientious approach to every project he manages.

A Professional Mechanical Engineer, Tsubasa graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science Honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Featured in his portfolio are distribution centres, healthcare centres, office buildings, residential towers, universities and colleges, air hangars, hotels, banks, and retail stores. In each project he takes on, Tsubasa relies on his strong organizational skills and his aptitude for building successful client relationships to deliver exceptional results.

Deep Fried Makes Everything Better

An adventurous palate led Tsubasa to try deep friend grasshoppers and durian. The grasshoppers were fine, but having durian once was “one too many times.”

All Bruce, All Day Long

Why is Tsubasa’s favourite movie The Fifth Element? Because it has everything he wants in a film: action, drama, love, treachery, and Bruce Willis.

Behind the Scenes

It’s no surprise that Tsubasa’s favourite design style is “high-tech architecture” and specifically, buildings that deliberately expose and incorporate mechanical systems into the architectural design.