A conscientious and analytic designer, Thalia Andreoglou brings her experience in heritage and historical building conservation, maintenance, repair, and adaptive reuse to the Republic team. Previously, Thalia was part of an historical buildings department for the government, where she engaged with architectural teams to evaluate proposed alterations to heritage facilities and provided recommendations to meet heritage standards and guidelines. Along with this knowledge of working with aging structures and how they affect and benefit civic populations, Thalia contributes her design sensibility and intuits architectural solutions for projects as they relate to sustainable practices.

Thalia currently volunteers with the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, an advocacy group that promotes the awareness and appreciation of architecture and the city's historic built environment. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master of Architecture, having also completed her Bachelor of Environmental Design at the Faculty of Architecture. Her past work has allowed her to gain experience in the development of conceptual designs and renderings, and to build her knowledge in LEED standards and sustainable design. Thalia continues to establish her expertise by working with Republic's architectural and interior design teams on complex projects with heritage and/or historical requirements.

A Different Kind of Conservation

Thalia identified the Assiniboine Park Conservatory as the place she could see herself spending most of her free time, if given the option. She believes she would have spent forever there, although sadly, the building has been demolished.

Art and Science

"I've always been interested in learning more about things, and I'm grateful for science and scientists that are asking questions about our world," writes Thalia. Science is of great importance to Thalia, but she's "mostly interested in geology and astronomy." She thinks that if she wasn't in architecture, she would "hope to be doing something in one of those fields."

The Sustainable Journey

Walking, biking, and bussing to work (and all kinds of other places) is what Thalia thinks people should consider doing more of because "it's good for us and the environment!"