Propelled by the belief that architecture should balance craft, responsibility, elegance, and sustainability, Rachael Alpern is a well-decorated designer who is making her mark in the architecture industry with her strong standpoint on ecological preservation. Since graduating with a Master of Architecture from the University of Manitoba (and having studied in South Korea and Mexico), Rachael has collaborated with other architects on design and planning projects, been published for several winning competition entries, led advocacy events, and mentored budding designers. Needless to say, Rachael is the type of designer to go above and beyond expectations — a characteristic welcomed by her clients and her peers at Republic Architecture Inc.

Among her many accomplishments, Rachael is currently a Director at Large for non-profit advocacy group Bike Winnipeg, and the co-host of "Rogue Primate," a radio show that "explores eco-literacy, bioregionalism, and design" airing on CKUW in Winnipeg. She was also a leader for Jane's Walk in 2015, and has provided design consultation services for community groups and organic farms. As a LEED AP-certified designer, Rachael has used her expertise to collaborate with architects, designers, and engineers on projects with heavy sustainability requirements. In addition, her impressive portfolio of work includes heritage, cultural, health, government, education, and commercial projects.

Just Deserts

If given the opportunity to practice wherever she wanted, Rachael would jump at the chance to provide her expertise "anywhere where there is a desert. The inhospitable climate forces conscious and appropriate designs."

Peddling Pedaling

Besides design and architecture, Rachael is also very knowledgable on bicycle mechanics and maintenance.

Up the Wall

Rachael's favourite structure is the Great Wall of China because she finds beauty in the way "it flows over each mountain top."