A graphic and mixed media artist with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature makes Nix Calma a perfect fit as Republic’s Graphics and Communications Coordinator. Nix is a creative thinker experienced in graphic design, marketing, communications, brand execution, and web management.

An avid painter who recently discovered a love for abstract expressionism, Nix started with one small piece at a time until they felt brave enough to take on larger canvasses. It wasn’t long before they accumulated painting materials, from brushes and stretched canvasses to acrylics and an easel. We can’t wait to hang some of their masterpieces in the studio!

Mad about tattoos

Obsessed with tattoos and piercings, Nix enjoys watching tattoo themed shows and is eagerly waiting for a show on piercings.

A real team player

When asked which position on a tug-of-war rope they’d handle best, Nix said, “depends on my teammates and their strengths, I can fill in wherever needed.”

Green thumb with sprinkles?

If you’re wondering what Nix’s secret talents are, you might be surprised to know they are a plant whisperer with a knack for making killer sundaes.