Matt brings a wealth of expertise and skills from the fields of operations and maintenance and construction to his role as a Building Condition Assessor with Republic Architecture. His work on a multitude of building types throughout all phases of construction has equipped him with a strong knowledge of building systems, maintenance requirements, and repair processes.

Fueled by creativity and a passion to learn, Matt sees buildings as more than a roof and four walls. They breathe. Their systems keep them alive. Just as the health of a living creature is important, so too is the health of a building. Over his career, Matt has learned what it takes to get the job done and is excited to bring that knowledge to bear on every project.


More people should put themselves in other people’s shoes. Matt says it’s too easy to get stuck in our own ‘bubbles.'


Matt has always wanted to learn woodworking by hand as it’s one of the oldest craft skills in our history. He also has an obsession with tools. We look forward to seeing his wooden creations.


Matt's greatest accomplishments thus far – A Red Seal Certification as an Interior Systems Mechanic and Certification as a 5th Class Power Engineer.