Kristin received her Master of Architecture and her Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba. Well-versed in architectural design for post-secondary and educational facilities, corporate and commercial spaces, and healthcare facilities, Kristin applies her breadth of knowledge to make each project a success. With a talent for creating welcoming public spaces, Kristin has worked on many recreational projects, including those for parks, historic buildings, theatres, and monuments.

Recognized for her contributions to many notable projects, Kristin has worked on award-winning projects for heritage preservation, excellence in universal design and accessibility, and the 2016 Parks Canada Award of Excellence for a heritage adventure park.


Once a competitive sprinter and national-level badminton player, Kristin plays soccer, volleyball, badminton, and attributes her balance and coordination to her early years as a tap dancer.


Kristin’s favourite design style is Arts & Crafts. The decorative glass, brickwork, wood detailing, colours, and textiles of that period have inspired renovations on her turn-of-the-century home!


Watching sunsets and aurora borealis tops Kristin’s list of great passions. “The temporal beauty and living colours fill me with wonder. They remind me how insignificant I am in the universe, and there is something very comforting in that.”