Known for managing interior design projects from conception all the way to completion, Jodie is no doubt an expert in her field. She is a Project Director with exceptional leadership skills and design expertise, which makes her a vital member of the team. A believer in collaboration, mentorship, and continued learning – Jodie is a great fit within Republic.

An innovative individual, Jodie leads with creative vision. She is a keen team player, eager to contribute her wealth of knowledge and expertise to communicate ideas into imaginative solutions. Add to this her strong technical knowledge, Jodie is a powerhouse design professional.


Jodie is passionate about living simply and reducing consumption. She believes that altering our lifestyles will positively affect our projections for life, community, and the earth. So unsurprisingly, when we asked her what her bucket list items are, her top answer is “share/learn sustainable ideas” – now that’s one bucket list for the planet!


Ever a friend of the earth and nature, Jodie’s dream house is a small-ish, passive, off-grid, modern cabin in the woods. Add a greenhouse of course, and a swim spa for the little luxuries in life.


A little-known fact about Jodie is that she spent a considerable amount of time learning about farm to plate nutrition. While most of us might pick up a novel for some light reading, Jodie reads cookbooks and delights in simple meals. She also indulges in the occasional gelato.