Jennifer Norrie is an Interior Designer who approaches projects with a careful, attentive eye and a desire to continuously uphold the standards of design excellence. From her experience developing inspiring interior experiences for commercial, institutional, and healthcare clients, Jennifer has offered and utilized her nuanced design sensibilities for a number of social contexts. Throughout the process, Jennifer embraces user experience while ensuring that requirements are met, in order to develop spaces that are not only healthy, but worthwhile.

Amongst her many proficiencies in the practice of Interior Design, Jennifer is notable in design development, space planning, and ensuring a positive and reliable consultant-client environment. Jennifer is a graduate of the Masters of Interior Design program from the University of Manitoba, and has a Bachelors Degree in International Development from the University of Guelph. She is currently a provisional member and Treasurer of the Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba, and a member of the City of Winnipeg Museum Board. An active presence in the design community, Jennifer is known to generously offer her time and expertise for initiatives that propel design culture in the city of Winnipeg.

People First

Jennifer believes that a design is made "good" when people are placed "at the centre of every design solution."

Design Diplomat

International relations is something Jennifer considers herself to be knowledgable on because she studied the topic for her undergraduate degree. Pair that with the fact that she loves to travel, and Jennifer is considered quite worldly.

It's All in the Details

When asked about the greatest piece of advice she has ever received, Jennifer answered, "This is very design-specific, nerdy advice, but something I've been told a hundred times is, 'If you care about the design, detail it.'"