A registered Architect with experience in providing comprehensive design services on commercial, residential, and master planning projects, Candice Lui is driven by a working methodology that is agile, flexible, and goal-focused. This personal philosophy is supported by her belief that good design relies on both the visual and the practical, striking a balance between aesthetic value and functionality to create pleasurable architectural experiences. With her understanding of both the technical and the conceptual, Candice's specific, optimistic, and appreciative approach to the architectural process is sought after by her clients and her peers at Republic Architecture Inc.

Since graduating with a Masters from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba, Candice has led and overseen numerous projects of varying scale, ranging from smaller commercial work to larger public projects. Collectively, Candice's portfolio boasts an overall working experience in the delivery of the full scope of architectural services, from conceptual design to contract administration. She has coordinated the work of multi-disciplinary teams on complex projects and she strives to ensure that the end results meet the overarching and technical goals of her clients.

For the Birds

Candice's perfect project would be a wildlife refuge or bird sanctuary with no budget. This isn't surprising considering she is obsessed with birds. Candice believes that their intelligence is underestimated, along with the fact that they are (obviously) cute and soft.

Fostering a Love for Architecture

Her favourite building is the HSBC Headquarters in Hong Kong, designed by Sir Norman Foster. If she could, she would use her preferred superpower, teleportation, to go see the impressive skyscraper.

Seeing the Unseen

The greatest piece of advice Candice has ever received is two-fold: "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach."