August 30, 2023

VIA Rail invests more than $80M in its heritage stations

Heritage conservation is a multidimensional effort that involves preserving physical structures, intangible cultural values, and the stories of the past. It contributes to the richness and diversity of human experience while also addressing important social, economic, and environmental concerns.

The Republic team values preserving historic buildings and sites, and take pride in our heritage experience and expertise. The iconic VIA Rail stations found across Canada hold histories and tell so many stories. We support VIA Rail Canada’s commitment to preserving these historic gems with a focus on sustainability and accessibility for all. 

Our team is working with VIA to rehabilitate numerous stations across the country. Read the article on the investment announcement for the renovation of the four VIA stations across Canada.

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you’re interested in heritage preservation, connect with us.